5 Crucial Reasons To Restring Your Badminton Rackets

5 Crucial Reasons To Restring Your Badminton Rackets

Nothing lasts forever. Same goes for the strings on your badminton rackets. They fray and break with prolonged usage and have to be replaced eventually. However, there are plenty of reasons to restring your rackets even before the strings are broken.

In this article, we have put together 5 crucial reasons to restring your badminton rackets.

Broken Strings

Well, the main purpose you should want to restring your badminton rackets is when your strings are broken. 

Unless you have been playing for many years, it is quite difficult to gauge when your strings will snap. Most of the time, it happens unexpectedly and it may be a major disappointment if that is your one and only badminton racket you have brought to play.

It is recommended to restring your badminton rackets after a period of inactivity of about 2-3 months or do it after numerous intensive games. A new set of badminton strings will always ensure you get to spend quality moments playing with your families and friends.

Loose Strings

When you stretch a rubber band, it will lose its elasticity eventually. This phenomenon applies to badminton strings too. They will become loose as tension is lost gradually. This is mainly the basis to restring your badminton racket.

The rate of tension lost differs across different types of strings. You will know your strings are looser than before when you hit a shuttlecock and a dull impact is felt.

Playing with a well-tensioned set of badminton strings will allow you to perform better. You can feel that your shots are stronger and faster.

Wrong Choice of Strings

Badminton strings come with various properties. Some are thicker while some are thinner. There are those that are made of natural gut or synthetic materials. They can be monofilament or multifilament or microfilament with braided or smooth texture.

A wrong choice of strings is pretty obvious for seasoned badminton players. They can feel that the strings do not fit their playing styles or they simply do not provide a good feeling.

How should you go about making the right choice of badminton strings? 

One approach is to try using different types of strings of varying thicknesses. String thickness can be the most important factor to guide your choice as it affects string durability, repulsion and control of your shots.   

Incompatible String Tension

Have you used a badminton racket with strings strung at high tension (e.g. 28-30lbs) and found that your shots become weaker than usual? Or have you realised your shots are constantly overshooting beyond the baseline and landing outside the court?

Incompatible string tension may be an attribute to the aforementioned scenarios. You may have chosen a tension which is not compatible with your current skill level. 

Another rationale to restring your badminton racket is that it is essential to play with the right string tension which allows you to optimise your current performance. How do you choose an optimal or compatible string tension then? For more information, you can refer to this article to help you choose the right string tension in just 3 steps!

In short, you can refer to this general guide to start off. You will have to perform a trial and error to discover the optimum tension that works best for you.

  • Beginner: 16 – 18 lbs
  • Intermediate: 19 – 23 lbs
  • Advance: 24 – 28 lbs

Preserve Your Rackets’ Structural Integrity

Uneven badminton string tension is the most common reason why the structural integrity of your badminton rackets’ frames are compromised. A racket’s frame may be contorted due inconsistent tension lost in different parts of the strings.

Sometimes, it will appear to be more rounded or elongated. In worse case scenarios, cracks may form in the frame and they will render your racket to be unusable. 

If you are not playing for a long period of time, it is advisable to remove your strings which must be done swiftly and correctly. This is to preserve your rackets’ structural integrity.