5 Common Reasons For Badminton Racket Broken Frame

5 Common Reasons For Badminton Racket Broken Frame

A broken frame of your badminton racket is a common phenomenon. The frame is the most fragile part. It breaks due to many reasons.

Knowing how and why the frame of a badminton racket can be wrecked may help you avoid the heartache of spending unnecessary money on buying a new piece. You will learn to be more proactive in caring for your badminton rackets.  

Here, we put together the 5 common reasons for badminton racket broken frame.

1.Extreme High Tension

Most badminton players have a tendency to test the limits of their badminton rackets by restringing them at extreme high tension. String bed with high tension does not always help you play better with increased power in your shots. 

When you restring your racket beyond the recommended tension threshold, its structural integrity may be compromised. As a consequence, hairline or underlying cracks may form in the frame of a badminton racket.

In some instances, restringing at high tension (below the maximum tension) may lead to badminton racket cracked frame too. There will also be times when it breaks during game play. In my case, my racket’s frame (strung at maximum 28lbs) broke on receiving the impact from the incoming shuttlecock. 


If you hit something hard or consistently over a prolonged period, it will break eventually. Very often, badminton players receive impacts on their rackets’ frames due to accidental collisions, resulting in breakage. 

Do you realise that you are unable to hit the shuttlecock consistently in the middle of the string bed when you first started playing the sport? Hitting the shuttlecock at the edge of the racket’s head can also be a contributing factor of frame breakage. Advanced players who are well-trained and strong will be able to damage their badminton rackets’ frames instantly if they misjudged and contacted the shuttlecock at frames.

3.Improper storage conditions

I have noticed improper storage conditions very often. Badminton rackets sticking out from backpacks. There are those who like to ‘secure’ their badminton rackets in between books that serve to cushion against impacts. This can be true to some extent but constant pressure pressing on the frames of the badminton rackets may not be favourable. Such pressure will compress them which can result in breakage. As much as possible, store your rackets in proper conditions. An affordable racket sleeve or bag is sufficient enough to cushion against impacts.

4.Improper handling

In my years of restringing, I have seen many people sending in their badminton rackets with broken strings still attached to them. Broken strings will exert uneven pressure on the racket’s frame. Uneven pressure will damage the structural integrity and eventually lead to badminton racket broken frame. It is always recommended that broken strings are to be removed immediately and properly. 

5.Deterioration of material

Keep something long enough, you will see it deteriorate eventually. On the outer surface, it may look fine but underneath, materials may start breaking up. Corrosion is also another cause of it. Rackets are made of carbon and they do corrode leading to degradation of the structural integrity. Older badminton rackets have a higher tendency for their frames to be cracked during restringing.