1 Lesser Known Benefit Of Badminton Grips

1 Lesser Known Benefit Of Badminton Grips

Did you know that badminton grips can be used to enhance your shot performances? 

They can increase the power or directional control of your shots.

And what should you do to unlock this lesser known benefit of badminton grips?

Before we deep dive into how you can achieve this feature, you will need to understand the various types of badminton grips and the different properties they have. 

Replacement grips v.s. overgrips

In the market, there are 2 broad types of badminton grips. They are the replacement grips and overgrips. 

Replacement grips are the original grips that come with newly bought badminton rackets. They are meant to be the first layer of material wrapped around the badminton handle. You can find a cloth version and a synthetic rubber version in the market. 

Overgrips are to be wrapped around the replacement grips to provide you with your preferred feel of the grips. Only available in synthetic rubber, they are thinner, lighter and more affordable than replacement grips.

Softness, absorbency or tackiness

These 2 broad categories of badminton grips come with different degrees of softness, absorbency and tackiness (or stickiness). You should try all different properties and discover your preferred feel of the grips.  

Moving the balance point of rackets with the weight of grips

Now we will divulge the lesser known benefit of using the weight of the badminton grips to manipulate the balance point of badminton rackets. 

Moving the balance point towards the badminton racket head allows you to achieve more power in your shots. Conversely, you can achieve more control over your shots by moving the balance point towards the badminton racket handle.

You can manipulate the balance point to make the racket head heavier by using lighter badminton grips or by using less of them. Wrapping a replacement grip or overgrip with less overlapping to cover the whole length of the handle is a way to ensure that the racket head is heavier than the handle, thereby giving you an edge in hitting more powerful shots.

If you want to create a head-light or well-balanced racket to have greater directional shot controls, you can focus more weight on the handle. You can use more replacement grips or overgrips with more overlaps to increase the weight at the handle. 

Still an essential knowledge to acquire

Manipulating the balance point of your badminton rackets using the weight of badminton grips is not an easy task. It involves multiple trial and errors to find the most suitable combination that works for you. Most badminton players would rather invest in a specific racket type to achieve a certain goal in their shots. However, having this knowledge can be useful when you are still discovering which types of badminton rackets suit you best in terms of playing styles.