A Badminton Racket’s Balance Point: What Is It All About?

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The balance point of a badminton racket is the fixed location along the shaft in which lies the racket’s center of gravity. This is the point where the racket’s weight is distributed equally on all sides. If you place your finger on this specific point, you will be able to balance the racket.

What do those figures of a balance point mean?

Have you looked at the specifications of a particular badminton racket and wonder what those figures 285mm +/-3 mean? 

These numbers indicate the distance of a balance point from the bottom of a racket’s shaft. They are derived before any badminton strings and grips are attached on the racket’s frame. 

In general, a balance point of 285mm indicates a well-balanced versatile badminton racket. It is commonly said that it gives you the best of both worlds because you can play attacking or defensive shots without much difficulties. 

Any number above 285mm will mean that the badminton racket is head-heavy. A higher number would mean that a greater weight is being concentrated at the racket’s head. Conversely, head-light badminton rackets will have balance points below 285mm.

Manipulating balance point with badminton weights

In reality, as you equip your badminton racket with replacement grip, overgrip and strings, its balance point will either move towards the racket’s head or handle. You may end up finding that your well-balanced racket feels very much like a head-light racket because the grips are heavier than the strings.

Luckily, the option of using badminton weights can move the balance point back to your desirable position. It gives you the flexibility to determine how head-heavy or head-light you want your badminton racket to be. 

Each badminton weight adds about 3g to the overall weight of your badminton racket. You can place it at the top of the racket’s head to achieve a slightly more head-heavy racket. 

Alternatively, you can paste this badminton weight at the bottom of the racket’s head to give yourself a lighter feel as compared to positioning it at the far top previously. Of course, you can attach the badminton weight anywhere on the racket’s head according to your preference. 

As mentioned in this article: 1 Lesser Known Benefit Of Badminton Grips, manipulating balance points is not an easy task using badminton grips. It is the same for badminton weights too. It requires many rounds of testing to be able to discover what really fits you. Be open and creative about using badminton weights to find out how they can work for you in the long run. The best part: these badminton weights are very affordable.